Designing for Social Media

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Whether you like it or hate it, social media has quickly become an essential part of business. Having a social media presence helps potential clients find you and more importantly shows what you as a company can do. Are you starting your social media plan and realized you don’t have any idea of where to begin? Never fear, Kitson Creative is here. We will provide some broad tips before getting into our wheelhouse, design. I bet you never thought design and social media went together, but think again. 

First and foremost, you need to determine the social media platforms essential to reach your clients. Do you need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TalkBook? Ok, that last one we made up, but we had you for a minute, didn’t we? To determine the social media platforms right for you, learn the main audience of each platform and what you plan to do with it. Are you focused on words or pictures? I know, it’s a lot, but remember, you are not alone. Find a trusted marketing and design firm to help you make those decisions. 

Once you have your platforms, decide your frequency and build a plan. Don’t just post to post. What do you have to say and how do you want to say it? Those clients you are trying to reach, when are they using social media? These questions are vital to constructing your social media strategy. 

OK, we are now at the best part, design! You could post generic photos and poorly cropped images to your social media account. Or, you could have a professional create a folder of images you can use. Know the sizes so you are not oddly spreading or squishing the images to fit. For example, the profile picture on Facebook is 180X180 pixels. Knowing that will help you create an eye-catching image that calls people to your business. Do you want your logo, or something fresh that incorporates what you do and how you do it better? 

What about posting? Are you going to type in something truly generic with a low resolution photo you found using Google? You could do that, certainly. Does it inspire trust in your brand? Instead, make images, add your logo, have photos made. You want people engaged in what you post, not scrolling right past it because it is a photo they have seen two thousand times somewhere else. Having carefully designed images will make your brand recognizable at a glance for potential clients. Social media is the present and future and designers are here to help.