How Signage Can Work for You

Signage is much more complex of a topic than you thought—and why would you? We think about signs all day, so of course we know all the intricacies and we don’t expect you to know the details off the tops of your head. Heck, that’s why our Reno-based design/print shop is here. So, we are going to take this time to discuss the different signage options that can be available to you and your business. 


This is the most iconic. When thinking of a sign, you may consider one of vinyl flapping in the wind. It is a great option for events as they are easy to set up, and they can also be an easy way to differentiate businesses if you share space. Depending on the size of your company, you can also use banners at employee retreats, nonprofit sponsorships, and to celebrate milestones. Additionally, there are many ways a banner is expressed like a retractable one (great for events), pole banners (great for parties), and loose banners (great for the breeze). Frankly, we are not in the business of telling you how to use your banners, but we can certainly offer advice.


“You’re a grand old flag, You’re a high-flying flag.” No? You don’t know the famous song by James Cagney? Either way, we are sure you recognize a flag, but these aren’t limited to show patriotism for your country. They also do not need to strictly look like a typical flag. There are options—feather, teardrop, angled, rectangular—so obviously these denote the shapes of the flags, but as you can read here, there are options. 


Vinyl is typically an adhesive that can be tacked wherever you need it. Think shop windows, car windows, walls or even the sides of your desk. OK, that last one would be odd unless you work for NASCAR and really like vinyl decals. Either way, you pick it, we can stick it. Available in many colors too!


If your job takes you out on the road a lot, you want magnets. It will not ruin your car (unless you go through the car wash, Debra) and can be added and removed at short notice. This is especially good if you share cars. The designs can be as detailed or as simple as you like, but we certainly stress the importance of simplicity. Unless you’re parked, people will have a hard time reading your magnet when you’re going o the freeway (slow down, Debra). 

Material Prints

Think of things you can hang on your wall that don’t count moose heads. Like paintings and wall hangings, our Reno print shop can make a sign in many different materials from aluminum to wood to acrylic. At the risk of telling you what to do with your signs, we want to illustrate the many uses for these types of signs, which can be used for parking, decorations, or even target practice for NERF Gun fights. 

If you are looking for a more direct approach, we can assist you if we know what industry you are in. For example, read our recent blog about realty: Why realtors Need Print Marketing where we showed you the many options available if you are trying to get your real estate name out there. Go ahead, you have a few minutes, go read that information too.