The Triangle of Quality

What is a triangle of quality? Is it a Dungeons and Dragons secret lair where you can find a sword to defeat your foes? No, it’s better than that—it is the rubric used to determine the best quality for you when ordering printing goods from your friendly Reno print and design shop.

Picture a triangle and its three, distinct points. Once you have manifested this image in your head, let us know. We will wait.

Got it? Perfect, the three points are quality, price, and speed. We are going to break down what that means in just a moment, but before we do, we want to clarify something. Although there are three points when ordering something, you will need to focus on the two points that are most important to you at the moment. For example, if you have an event quickly approaching, speed is going to imperative—what is the next thing most important? Are you on a budget? Or is quality also supreme? Many times, the stars align and all points are possible, but when speaking with your Reno print and design company, focus on the two points that are most important to help shape the project. 

And, here we go, the definitions: 


When you find a trusted print and design company, the quality will be recognizable. You will know what to expect whenever you order, and more importantly, you will know you can trust them to have your best interest in mind. Quality is not black and white—it doesn’t mean you will receive a good product or a bad product necessarily. It could mean the paper thickness for your business card will be different or you may choose black and white printing over color. 


This is a big one for any business, especially if you are just starting out. Price should help determine what printing projects are a true necessity or some that can perhaps wait. Sitting down and creating a strategy with a print and design shop in Reno can help determine a plan for how to proceed. Coming with a desired budget is key to help your professionals deliver the best price and product for you.


Number one advice is don’t wait to print. However, some things cannot be helped and next thing you know you are frantically pulling an expo together that should include a variety of printed materials pens, banners, brochures, penguins—OK, we through in that last one. But communicating your needs and deadlines up front can help your Reno print shop determine the best options for you.

If you were actively reading, and we hope you were, then you are seeing a thread. Communicate. Tell your Reno print and design company the things that are most important to you—quality, price, or speed—so your options are presented in that way. There is no value in telling you about an amazing pen that is etched by wizards in the Himalayas that will take months to get you, but will look fantastic, if you need them for an event in three weeks. Find someone you trust and bring them into your strategy, and you may be able to get all three—your best stuff fast at a price you’ll appreciate.