Why Realtors Need Print Marketing

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

You’re in the business of selling homes and renting office locations, and we are in the business of print. A match made in business-heaven, no? We see you scratching your heads, so we have created a handy list below that will showcase all the ways print can assist you and how we can help.

Lawn Signs

You’ve seen them, you may even have some already—the ubiquitous “For Sale” signs. Why are they useful? Stupid question, we know. We only want to reinforce that you need these for your business and this Reno-based print shop can deliver. In fact, you can personalize it! No more visiting your closest hardware store to grab a few bland and boring signs. Instead, have a print professional create something new and unique that has your name. Heck, we’ll even add your face!

Business Cards

This makes even more sense than the lawn signs. If you are in real estate in Reno, Nevada (or anywhere), you need business cards. I repeat and clarify. You. Need. Good. Business. Cards. Creating a business card on your home printer may seem like a great way to save money, but it actually harms your business. When you get business cards, which are the first to go in the trash? The homemade ones that are super flimsy and faded? Get a memorable card that people will want to keep. Find you a printing house that can design and print so you can do it all in one place. (We know a company that can do that!)


Want to really catch the eye of a prospective client? Invest in a heavy-duty banner that will be sure to rope in the homeowners or small businesses who need your help. The great thing about banners is the mobility. You can get a large banner and place it in front of your office, a house for sale, or even an office for rent. There are so many great options too. If you are interested in the different variety of banners, hit us up for a complimentary banner conversation. We can talk about banners all day!


We have said it once, and we will say it again. Postcards are seeing their heyday thanks to technology. Seems counterintuitive, given the fact that everything is online these days. But check out our blog, No, Print is Not Dead, for more information. Long story short, sending a strategic postcard could raise you to the top of the list for a homeowner looking to buy. A print company can assist with the design and even the mail list.

Seems like a lot, but the fact you can accomplish all this in one spot is a testament to time management. Having a robust marketing plan can assist you when looking to the future, and print should absolutely be a part of that. In fact, as you can see above, print should not only be a part of your plan, but it should be a big piece of that pie.